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Cybersafe with Roar in Tasmania!

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Students and teachers in Tasmania’s state schools are finally set to reap the benefits of the award-winning cyber-safety modules, created by Tasmanian software developers, which have been licensed to more than 10,000 schools in the UK. The modules called Us Online promote digital literacy by teaching kids (years 1 – 10) about the safe, responsible use of digital technologies including… Read more »
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Australian Government Cyber-Safety Inquiry

Roar is preparing a submission to the Government’s Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety, due 25 June 2010. The terms of reference for the submission are as follows. (a) That a Joint Select Committee on… Read more »

National Year 6 and 10 ICT Literacy results 2008

National Year 6 and 10 ICT Literacy results 2008

11,000 kids were tested in October 2008, as part of the National Assessment Program (NAP) three-year cycle looking at the ICT literacy of Australian school children. The report on that assessment is published as 2008 National ICTRead more »

Australian national curriculum & ICT

Skills and understanding for participation in new and emerging technologies will be a key feature of the Australia’s new national curriculum . ICT skills and understanding are recognised as a ‘general capability’, together with ‘ethical behaviour’, ‘intercultural understanding’, and ‘literacy’… Read more »

Building Innovation: Learning with Technologies

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According to its forward by the renowned educator James Bosco, Kathryn Moyle’s monograph is a lucid, comprehensive and thoughtful analysis. It provides a very good basis for understanding the challenges we face in securing a full measure of… Read more »

Cyber-Safety standards

In the UK the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) recently reported that outstanding schools have a well-considered, active approach to keeping pupils safe when they are online, and help them to take responsibility for their… Read more »

Do we need to train and license internet users?

Do we need to train and license internet users?

sub64 Roar Roar’s submission to the Federal Government’s Inquiry into Cyber Crime proposed that people need to be ‘trained’ to certified standards for safe, ethical and responsible use of digital technologies. Appearing before the House… Read more »