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High-Wire Act: cybersafety recommendations


High-Wire Act: Cyber-Safety and the Young, the block-buster report of the Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety, was tabled in parliament by Senator Dana Wortley on 20 June, after 13 months of hearings, and 153 submissions including one from… Read more »

Parents need help too!


Most parents are lacking confidence and feel they are not well informed when it comes to cyber safety, and talking with their children about online security risks. This was the key finding of a major Australian Government surveyRead more »

The internet is one giant job resume

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If you’re on Facebook or Twitter or any of the myriad social networks rolling out across the web, you might want to heed the The Word of US comedian and satirist Stephen Colbert.  All jokes aside, Colbert has important things… Read more »

Millenials will make ‘sharing’ a lifelong habit, says Pew study

Millenials will make ‘sharing’ a lifelong habit

In a survey about the future impact of the internet, a solid majority of technology experts and stakeholders said the Millennial generation will lead society into a new world of personal disclosure and information-sharing using new media.… Read more »

Meme Play demo [VIDEO]

Meme Play [Us Online v2]

Meme Play simulates the online world, warts and all. When you play the Meme game you pit yourself against a barrage of cyber threats and negative online events, as you attempt to navigate the online world safely and securely. Meme… Read more »

Building Innovation: Learning with Technologies

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According to its forward by the renowned educator James Bosco, Kathryn Moyle’s monograph is a lucid, comprehensive and thoughtful analysis. It provides a very good basis for understanding the challenges we face in securing a full measure of… Read more »