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Do We have Safer Children in a Digital World?

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Us Online references the current cyber-safeguarding literature, and foremost draws on Safer Children in a Digital World: The Report of the Byron Review (2008), and arguments for empowering children and young people to keep themselves safe. This report commissioned by the UK Government provided the foundation for the first two versions of Us Online. In her follow-up… Read more »
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Parents need help too!


Most parents are lacking confidence and feel they are not well informed when it comes to cyber safety, and talking with their children about online security risks. This was the key finding of a major Australian Government surveyRead more »

Should there be limits on students’ screen time?

Should there be limits on students’ screen time?

The brain is remarkable, not least for the way it can change and adapt under certain conditions. This is called neuro-plasticity. And it’s explored in Norman Doidge’s extraordinary book, The Brain that Changes Itself. Given the capacity… Read more »

Did You Know 4.0 [VIDEO]

Did You Know 4.0

Web 2.0, the social media, and convergence are radically changing the traditional media landscape. Read more »

Millenials will make ‘sharing’ a lifelong habit, says Pew study

Millenials will make ‘sharing’ a lifelong habit

In a survey about the future impact of the internet, a solid majority of technology experts and stakeholders said the Millennial generation will lead society into a new world of personal disclosure and information-sharing using new media.… Read more »

Hackers, Fraudsters & Botnets: Tackling the Problem of Cyber Crime

Hackers, Fraudsters & Botnets

Roar’s submission to the Australian Government’s cyber crime inquiry proposed the development of a national system of certifiable skills standards. Roar also argued for broad-based digital literacy training to span cyber safety, e-security, and digital citizenship. Both points have been… Read more »

Youth Safety on a Living Internet

Youth Safety on a Living Internet

Just released in the United States (04 June 2010), Youth Safety on a Living Internet, the final report by the Online Safety Technology Working Group (OSTWG), found that the best way to assure youth safety on the Internet… Read more »