Roar Educate develops exemplary e-learning educational software for schools. Roar Educate is a division of Roar Film Pty Ltd, the highly acclaimed Tasmanian film and multimedia production company.


Us Online v2 is activity-based learning (K-10) about the safe, ethical and responsible use of digital technologies. It includes interactive learning plus teacher resources about cyber-bullying, privacy and identity fraud, networking and gaming, using the web for research, making and posting content, tagging photos, copyright and sharing, security and passwords, viruses and malware, file-sharing and more.
No Bullying Here consists of two modules, each with activity-based learning about bullying, rights, and respect – one for Lower Primary (K-3) and one for Upper Primary (4-6). It includes interactive learning and fully resourced Teacher Centres that explore the issues of cyber-bullying, verbal, physical and social bullying.


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