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Do We have Safer Children in a Digital World?

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Us Online references the current cyber-safeguarding literature, and foremost draws on Safer Children in a Digital World: The Report of the Byron Review (2008), and arguments for empowering children and young people to keep themselves safe. This report commissioned by the UK Government provided the foundation for the first two versions of Us Online. In her follow-up… Read more »
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Roar now working with a network of freelance Local Authority Consultants across UK

In this difficult economic climate Roar has forged new mutually beneficial relationships with ex-Local Authority Consultants. Hussen Raza, Roar’s UK General Manager said, “Quite a few of the Local Authority clients Roar was working with for the past few years… Read more »

Multiple Intelligence Theory


Why is it the case that people demonstrate such a range of aptitudes to learning, or that any teaching technique will produce  a range of results in any given group of learners. The Multiple Intelligence Theory of Howard… Read more »

Cyber-Safety education: where does it fit?

In Australia cyber-safeguarding straddles the mega federal departments of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), and Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) and their tangle of national policy initiatives. Cyber-safety also gets pulled across the federal-state divide, with responsibility… Read more »

Australian Government Cyber-Safety Inquiry

Roar is preparing a submission to the Government’s Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety, due 25 June 2010. The terms of reference for the submission are as follows. (a) That a Joint Select Committee on… Read more »

National Year 6 and 10 ICT Literacy results 2008

National Year 6 and 10 ICT Literacy results 2008

11,000 kids were tested in October 2008, as part of the National Assessment Program (NAP) three-year cycle looking at the ICT literacy of Australian school children. The report on that assessment is published as 2008 National ICTRead more »

Australian national curriculum & ICT

Skills and understanding for participation in new and emerging technologies will be a key feature of the Australia’s new national curriculum . ICT skills and understanding are recognised as a ‘general capability’, together with ‘ethical behaviour’, ‘intercultural understanding’, and ‘literacy’… Read more »