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Roar now working with a network of freelance Local Authority Consultants across UK

In this difficult economic climate Roar has forged new mutually beneficial relationships with ex-Local Authority Consultants. Hussen Raza, Roar’s UK General Manager said, “Quite a few of the Local Authority clients Roar was working with for the past few years… Read more »

Multiple Intelligence Theory


Why is it the case that people demonstrate such a range of aptitudes to learning, or that any teaching technique will produce  a range of results in any given group of learners. The Multiple Intelligence Theory of Howard… Read more »

Meme Play demo [VIDEO]

Meme Play [Us Online v2]

Meme Play simulates the online world, warts and all. When you play the Meme game you pit yourself against a barrage of cyber threats and negative online events, as you attempt to navigate the online world safely and securely. Meme… Read more »

Constructivist or activity-based learning

MyFace [Us Online v2]

An activity-based approach to learning means the children learn by ‘doing’… by working through simulated elements from the online world. This approach gives children experience of real online situations, of making decisions and experimenting with choices and consequences. Here below… Read more »

Australian national curriculum & ICT

Skills and understanding for participation in new and emerging technologies will be a key feature of the Australia’s new national curriculum . ICT skills and understanding are recognised as a ‘general capability’, together with ‘ethical behaviour’, ‘intercultural understanding’, and ‘literacy’… Read more »

Building Innovation: Learning with Technologies

Picture 4

According to its forward by the renowned educator James Bosco, Kathryn Moyle’s monograph is a lucid, comprehensive and thoughtful analysis. It provides a very good basis for understanding the challenges we face in securing a full measure of… Read more »